"a cooking Sake that lends a rich aroma   
             and delicate sweetness to your favorite dishes." 

Mirin is a sweet cooking Sake that brings many delectable benefits to your dining table. Here's a few of the many ways you'll want to use it:
  • Its sweetness, which is derived from rice, is different from that obtained from regular table sugar, and gives dishes an appealing glaze.
  • Mirin's all natural amino acids enhance the flavor and richness of your favorite recipes.
  • The alcohol in mirin makes it easier for ingredients to absorb flavors.
  • It also prevents boiled foods from disintegrating and gets rid of unpleasant odors common in meats and fish.
The unmatched quality of Takara Mirin has made it the No. 1 selling brand in Japan. ....and a tradition in good cooking for 160 years!

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Takara Mirin

Takara Mirin, Takara's main brand of mirin, is one of the most common ingredient used in Japanese cooking. It is probably best known to Americans as the base for teriyaki sauce. It can be used in stir fries to enhance the flavors of the ingredients and is used in many dressings and sauces as well.
Alcohol 12%

Takara Masamune Mirin

Takara Masamune Mirin is the first mirin brand made in the US. It combines the same high quality you get in Takara Mirin with an enhanced sweetness.
Alcohol 12%

Senryo Mirin

Senryo Mirin brings quality to your cooking at an appealing price.
Alcohol 12%

Senryo Cooking Sake

Senryo Cooking Sake is, a sake used in meal preparation, provides all of the benefits of mirin but with only a fraction of the sweetness.
Alcohol 12%

Takara Mirin Fu

Takara Mirin Fu is a non-alcoholic cooking mirin especially useful for fast food operations and other establishments where economy is desirable.
Alcohol --- N/A

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