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Sake Gift Guide

Perhaps you’re trying to decide what to get someone who likes Japanese culture, or you’re surprising a loved one with a birthday or Christmas present. Whatever the intention, a bottle of sake is an excellent gift.

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, usually characterized by a sweet flavor and pale yellow or green color. While it likely isn’t the first gift that comes to mind for most people, you may be surprised to know it’s customizable and versatile, from selecting the recipient’s favorite flavors to choosing a sake-related gift to accompany the bottle.

Whether it’s for a friend, family member or significant other, sake makes for a lovely and thoughtful gift — especially for those who enjoy trying unique and exotic beverages. Browse this handy guide for some of the top sake gift ideas.

Is Sake a Good Gift?

Absolutely! No matter the reason, occasion or message you wish to send to a loved one, a bottle of sake makes for a special — not to mention delicious — gift. Plus, there are many different types of sake, so finding one in their preferred variety, flavor or sweetness level makes this gift even more meaningful.

There are multiple messages you can send by gifting a bottle of sake. Here are some examples:

  • Gratitude: Searching for the perfect “thank you” gift to express gratitude for a loved one? While a basic “thank you” note, gift card or cash is usually the go-to, consider a more eccentric gift such as a bottle of sake.
  • Respect: Seeing as Japanese culture reflects respect for ancestors and nature, a bottle of sake is a meaningful way to show respect for another person. If there’s someone you look up to or admire, like a parent, grandparent or mentor, consider showing your respect with a bottle of sake.
  • Friendship: Maybe you’re celebrating a “friendaversary,” or you simply need a gift to express how much you appreciate someone’s friendship. Luckily, a bottle of sake can serve this purpose. Show a friend how much you care about them with some sake in a beautifully wrapped box or gift bag.
  • Congratulations: There are many reasons to congratulate someone — celebrating a graduation from school, a new job or promotion or a new house or baby, just to name a few. A bottle of sake is a classy and thoughtful way to congratulate someone on a special milestone or achievement.

Holidays and Occasions for Sake Gifts

Sake is also the perfect gift for special occasions and holidays. Below are some special occasions where sake makes an excellent gift:

1. Birthdays

Celebrating an upcoming birthday for a loved one? Sake is a great birthday gift, especially for someone with a more adventurous palate. Opt for a bottle of sparkling sake for a gift that truly speaks to the celebration!

2. Weddings

Sake is a more common feature of weddings than you may realize, especially in Japanese culture. Depending on the couple’s taste, it could also make the perfect wedding gift.

Consider a sake gift set complete with their favorite variety, sake-related accessories and a stunning gift box for a beautiful and unique wedding gift. It’s unlikely that any other wedding guest will give them something quite like this, so your gift will be one of a kind.

3. Christmas

If you need the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, sake is a fantastic way to spread some holiday joy. Grab a bottle of their favorite sake, some ribbon and holiday-themed wrapping paper, and voila — you’ve got a truly special Christmas present.

Plus, the recipient can make some delicious winter-inspired drinks, like a Nigori matcha white hot chocolate or a spiked apple cocktail.

Gifts to Give With Sake

What do you buy for a sake lover in addition to a bottle of sake? If you need ideas for a practical gift to accompany the beverage, check out some of the best gifts for sake lovers below:

1. Serving Tray

A sake serving tray is an excellent complement to a bottle of sake. If the recipient chooses to serve sake at a gathering, this makes it easier to hold and distribute cups of sake for everyone to enjoy.

2. Ochoko Cups

Sake is typically served in an ochoko, a small ceramic cup. Just like a serving tray, ochokos or other small cups are functional gifts for serving sake. Try choosing cups in the recipient’s favorite colors to elevate this gift further!

3. Ice Bucket

If your loved one wishes to serve or enjoy their sake chilled, an ice bucket is an excellent gift for keeping this beverage cold. This gift will especially come in handy during a summer barbecue or cookout!

4. Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is another useful gift for a bottle of sake. There are many styles and colors to consider, so try picking one that reflects the recipient’s unique taste.

5. Masu

A masu is a square wooden box that comes in a variety of sizes. It was originally used to measure rice during the feudal period in Japan. Today, masu are primarily used as cups for serving and drinking sake. If you’re looking for a gift that reflects traditional Japanese culture, consider gifting a wooden sake masu with your bottle of sake.

6. Cocktail Shaker

Mixing up cocktails is always a fun activity, but it’s even better when you have sake to make them with! If your recipient wants to create some delicious sake cocktails, gift them a cocktail shaker, strainer or muddler alongside their bottle of sake.

To take this gift a step further, consider writing out some charming recipe cards with sake cocktails on them. Feel free to throw in some garnishes, like mint leaves or a jar of olives or maraschino cherries.

Find the Perfect Gift at Takara Sake

Now that you’ve explored some ideas for sake drink gifts, you’ll be ready to surprise your loved ones in a creative and thoughtful way. If you’re searching for quality sake or sake-related accessories, turn to Takara Sake.

Our sake makes the perfect gift for a recipient longing to sip a delicious, exotic beverage that delights the tastebuds. Whether they enjoy dry sake or sweet fruit flavors, you’ll surely find something that complements their preferences.

Whether you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, searching for a wedding gift or congratulating someone, our sake can suit any occasion. For a gesture they’ll treasure for life, browse our sake products and order the perfect gift today!

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