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New HANA Yuzu Flavored Sake - 20% OFF Through All of April

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With spring rolling through, we've got a new flavor of HANA Flavored Sake that you'll enjoy all season long.

We are thrilled to announce our new HANA Yuzu Flavored Sake! Our HANA Yuzu is a fascinating delight, bringing unique tasting and aromatic experience of a fruit with many uses. Its flavor is natural, containing essential oil from yuzu rinds which carries the characteristic aromas and flavors of the fruit! The essential oil in the flavor may separate itself from the rest of the sake. When the separation happens, the essential oil might be observed as small dots floating on the surface of the sake. The separation itself is a natural phenomenon and does not affect the overall quality of the product. It is easily reversed by shaking the bottle well. If you are not certain if the separation is taking place, we recommend you shake the bottle before pouring.

To celebrate its release, we are offering 20% OFF* our HANA Yuzu Flavored Sake through all of April!