JPOP Grapefruit

JPOP Grapefruit

Flavored Malt Beverage,
12 FL. OZ.
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When it's time for a flavored malt beer that offers unparalleled refreshment, turn to a bottle of JPOP Grapefruit. The JPOP Grapefruit flavor shines with its citrusy personality. Lightly carbonated, JPOP Grapefruit provides just a touch of sweetness tempered by bright tanginess. You'll notice undertones of lemon, lime and orange in addition to grapefruit in every sip.

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Serving JPOP Grapefruit Malt Beer

Like spritzers and sparkling wines, JPOP Grapefruit beverages pair well with many sweet or savory items. Many fans of this refreshing Japanese drink prefer it to traditional beer when eating pub fares like burgers, tacos, fried dishes and appetizers. Our JPOP Grapefruit goes just as well with desserts like cakes and cookies.

If you've never tried offering JPOP Grapefruit to your patrons before, now is the time to get on the JPOP train. JPOP is quickly becoming an American sensation, especially among young adults. It's an appealing option to anyone in the mood for a chilled, alcoholic drink with a splashy, memorable character.

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Sulfite Free

Brewed in: Utica, NY
Alcohol: 6.5%
Type: Flavored Malt Beverage

JPOP Grapefruit

Taste Profile


Refreshing sweet-sour citrus

Recommended Temperature

Pairing Suggestions

JPOP Grapefruit is perfect with potato chips and salty, buttered popcorn. It complements lightly savory and salty foods such as grilled chicken, fried chicken, and fish fingers. It's delicious with street tacos too.


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