Sho Chiku Bai Extra Dry

Sho Chiku Bai Extra Dry


1.5 L

Do you prefer your drinks without the sweetness that comes with so many wines? If so, our Sho Chiku Bai Extra Dry may be for you. What is dry sake? It has a flavor profile similar to a bold, dry red wine, with so much to offer your palate. You'll find yourself discovering new facets of the taste long after you've taken your final lingering sip. If you prefer savory to sweet, try our best dry sake and see what you think.

Sho Chiku Bai Extra Dry Junmai is a traditional Junmai sake but with very little sweetness. This gives it a lighter, crisper mouthfeel and a clean finish. This, along with its gently savory palate, makes it a good food-pairing sake and also an excellent ingredient in cocktails. A great sake to serve chilled or warmed. 

At any temperature, this sake has a core of savory mineral. When warm, aromas and flavors include salted rice, bran, sourdough bread, and parmesan cheese. The warmth also provides a rounder mouthfeel, and brings out a fullness of the body.

At room temperature or chilled, flavors of mineral and lightly toasted sourdough bread emerge, with a touch of salted butter, green almonds, spice, and warm rice.

Sake: A Beautiful Japanese Tradition

Tradition is such a wonderful part of any culture. It binds people together through time. Sake became part of Japanese tradition more than 1,000 years ago. In the time of the Imperial Court, the beverage was served during special occasions, such as weddings, funerals, and special celebrations.

Sake wouldn't be restricted for long — the drink became too popular to limit to just a few appearances a year. People began drinking it year-round, and the beverage gradually made its way West. Today, it enjoys a growing profile in the United States, where Takara Sake USA Inc. is the country's number one sake store.

Buy Our SHO CHIKU BAI Extra Dry

The best sake is made with care using traditional Japanese methods. We make ours that way while adding our own twist. We also rely on the latest technology to make our brewing more efficient, which keeps the costs we pass on to our customers low. We use only the highest quality of ingredients too, such as Sierra Nevada Mountains snowmelt and premium rice from the Sacramento Valley. Other benefits of buying from us include:

  • Our attention to special dietary needs is reflected in our gluten-free and sulfite-free beverages.
  • The huge selection of sake available from Takara, which is able to suit any palate.
  • Our selling of affordable, high-quality products that are a great fit for any budget.

See why we're the country's top sake brewer — order our Sho Chiku Bai Extra Dry sake today.

Kosher Certified Sulfite Free Gluten Free

Brewed in: Berkeley, CA
Alcohol: 15%
Type: Junmai
Rice: Calrose
Rice Polishing Ratio: 70%
SMV: +7

Sho Chiku Bai Extra Dry

Taste Profile


Light, crisp, dry, savory, with focused minerality

Recommended Temperature

Pairing Suggestions

Extra Dry Junmai goes well with traditional Spanish tapas such as green olives, Marcona almonds, dry and mild white cheeses, thinly sliced ham, croquetas and fried potatoes. It also complements tempura, grilled calamari and chicken breast. In addition, Extra Dry Junmai works well as an appealing substitute for vermouth in a martini.

Wine Comparisons

Very dry, medium-bodied Italian red wines or Fino Sherry


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