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What Is Sake?

What Is Sake?

As the national beverage of Japan, sake is rich in history, tradition and flavor. It’s noncarbonated and characterized by its pale yellow or green color, mildly sweet flavor, and high alcohol content. Most sakes sit between 18% and 20% alcohol by volume (ABV). Enjoy sake on its own or mix it with other ingredients to […]

Sake vs. Soju

Sake vs. Soju

One of the benefits of an ever more interconnected world is the opportunity to find new things you never even knew you wanted to try. While Japanese sake is a familiar drink to most people today, Korean soju is relatively new to American audiences.  Though they may resemble each other, soju is not the same […]

Sake Versus Wine

In the worldwide family of alcoholic beverages, sake and wine are more like cousins than siblings. The differences between these two drinks are profound, from their distinct brewing processes down to the best glasses to serve each in. Both novice to experienced beverage connoisseurs benefit from understanding the differences in language, tasting principles, and terminology […]

Common Myths About Sake

Common Myths About Sake

There are several misconceptions about sake, a popular rice-brewed beverage, in Western culture. In this guide, Takara Sake USA discusses the truth behind the four most common myths about this drink. Here’s what you need to know about sake: Myth 1: Sake Is a Spirit This myth originates from the fact that many Western bars […]

Charcuterie Boards and Sake

You’re likely familiar with the classic pairing of wine and cheese, but have you ever considered what other drinks can pair with charcuterie? Sake and cheese boards offer a great change of pace. With a wide range of flavors and types of sake to consider, the opportunities to pair them with your favorite cheeses are limitless. This […]

Why Sake and Sushi Are the Perfect Combo

Both originating from Japan, sake and sushi are unique, flavorful refreshments that enchant the tastebuds and leave you craving more. However, have you ever considered trying them together? Those unfamiliar with their flavor profiles may find it difficult to determine if they’d be a good match. Is sake good with sushi? Discover why these two […]

Perfect Occasions to Serve Sake

Are you looking to enhance your beverage menu for a party or event? Serving sake at gatherings is an excellent way to do so. Whether you’re planning a holiday party, hosting a summer cookout or just relaxing with friends, read on for some ways to celebrate with sake! What Is Sake? Sake is a Japanese […]

Quick Facts on Sake

Whether you’re a long-time lover of sake, are interested in trying it or have never heard of it before, learning about sake can open your eyes to the beverage’s interesting history, giving you a newfound appreciation for it. What Is Sake? Originating from Japan, sake is an alcoholic beverage created from fermented rice. This noncarbonated […]

Sake Gift Guide

Perhaps you’re trying to decide what to get someone who likes Japanese culture, or you’re surprising a loved one with a birthday or Christmas present. Whatever the intention, a bottle of sake is an excellent gift. Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, usually characterized by a sweet flavor and pale yellow […]

What Type of Sake Is Your Perfect Match?

With multiple grades and tastes of sake to try, you may not know where to begin. Luckily, we’re here to help. This handy sake for beginners guide explores some must-try varieties so you can find your perfect sake match. Let’s dive in! What Type of Sake Should I Get? When searching for your ideal variety, […]

Make Sake a Part of Your Wedding Experience

If you’re planning to serve alcohol at your wedding, you might consider expanding your drink menu beyond basic wine, beer, and spirits. For a rich and distinctive alcoholic beverage, try incorporating sake into your big day. Learn some common wedding sake traditions in Japan, the origins and symbols of this unique drink, and different ways […]

Drinks You Can Make With Sake

If you’re looking for new sake cocktails to try out, we’ve got you covered with this assortment of fun and creative drinks that have sake in them. From fruity to savory to sour flavors, you’re sure to find something from this list that you’ll enjoy. Let’s get started! What Is Sake? Sake is an alcoholic […]

Cooking Recipes With Takara Mirin

Looking for a seasoning sake to help boost your everyday cooking? Mirin is the key to taking your regular marinades, soups, sauces and rice dishes to the next level. As a sweet seasoning sake, this ancient Japanese culinary seasoning mirin makes the perfect secret ingredient in just about any recipe. What makes mirin such an essential ingredient for cooking is […]

How to Cook With Sake

Wondering how to liven up your usual recipes? Consider working sake into your culinary rotation to enhance your dishes’ flavors. Below, you’ll discover all the basics of cooking with sake wine, along with some specific sake recipes that will help introduce this flavorful ingredient to your meals. Discover how to incorporate sake in your cooking and […]

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