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Drinks You Can Make With Sake

If you’re looking for new sake cocktails to try out, we’ve got you covered with this assortment of fun and creative drinks that have sake in them. From fruity to savory to sour flavors, you’re sure to find something from this list that you’ll enjoy. Let’s get started! What Is Sake? Sake is an alcoholic […]

Cooking Recipes With Takara Mirin

Looking for a seasoning sake to help boost your everyday cooking? Mirin is the key to taking your regular marinades, soups, sauces and rice dishes to the next level. As a sweet seasoning sake, this ancient Japanese culinary seasoning mirin makes the perfect secret ingredient in just about any recipe. What makes mirin such an essential ingredient for cooking is […]

How to Cook With Sake

Wondering how to liven up your usual recipes? Consider working sake into your culinary rotation to enhance your dishes’ flavors. Below, you’ll discover all the basics of cooking with sake wine, along with some specific sake recipes that will help introduce this flavorful ingredient to your meals. Discover how to incorporate sake in your cooking and […]

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