YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe

YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe


Nigori sake with natural flavors,
375 ML

When you're craving the sweetness of a world-class Nigori sake, you'll appreciate the fresh, tropical overtones of YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe. Bursting with the bright notes of just-ripened melon, YUKI sake is a palate pleaser from the first sip. Get ready to indulge in sake that combines hints of tangy citrus with a tart, expressive finish.

Like all of our nigori sake items, YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe is for sale online today from Takara Sake USA Inc. Add a bottle or two of YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe to your shopping cart and check out quickly and conveniently.

Serve Flavorful YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe Flavored Sake

In terms of flavored sake, YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe boasts a combination of natural flavors you won't find in other alcoholic beverages. Once chilled, it makes a wonderful beverage to serve at parties or dinners. Or, you may simply want to kick back and indulge in a glass of YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe on a balmy day.

If you're looking for a unique mixed drink base, try YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe and boost your favorite cocktails. YUKI sake iskosher certified, sulfite-free and gluten-free. That means it's the perfect sake to offer friends and family, even if they have dietary or other restrictions.

Sweet Nigori sake tends to pair beautifully with desserts as well as savory choices. For instance, YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe can help bring out the creamy, salty and earthy tones in cheeses, crackers and raw vegetables. Have fun experimenting after you purchase this flavored sake for sale online.

Nigori sake is milky white in appearance due to residual rice sediment. Please shake YUKI Nigori bottle gently and thoroughly before serving.

Buy YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe From Takara Sake USA

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Kosher Certified Sulfite Free Gluten Free

Brewed in: Berkeley, CA
Alcohol: 10%
Type: Nigori sake with natural flavors

YUKI Nigori Cantaloupe

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