Koshu Plum

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Koshu Plum


Plum Flavored Sake,
750 ML

Are you always on the lookout for the next delicious dessert wine to accompany your meals? Our 750ml plum drink variety could not be a better choice! With all the distinctive flavors you look for in a fruit-flavored sake, our sweet KOSHU Plum sake finishes off dinner with a taste to remember. You can serve it cold at the end of the meal, or try one as a drink right before you dig into your dinner. Either way, you get a refreshing beverage your guests will ask for again and again.

Intense, appetizing aromas of candied plum and cherry. The palate is sweet, but not cloying, with concentrated flavors of plum, black cherry and almond, and a lingering finish.

The KOSHU PLUM is a decadent, complex plum 'sake', ideal as an aperitif or dessert drink.

Sake: The Traditional Japanese Beverage Plays a Role in Culture

Part of enjoying a drink from another country is honoring its culture, and the rich heritage of Japanese sake has become a treasured piece of society. Yet, there is another traditional drink called “ume-shu,” (created with traditional Japanese plum and rice-base distilled spirits called shochu) enjoyed by Japanese people through the centuries. The KOSHU PLUM SAKE is created by combining those two traditions, sake and umeshu’s taste characteristics. The unique sake can be enjoyed chilled or warmed, before and after meal, or with meal. Try making a new cocktail!

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Expanding your liquor cabinet is fun when you shop with Takara Sake USA. We have a wide selection of sakes, perfect for any budget and any palate. Our fruit-flavored sakes make an excellent treat in the summer when you want something light and refreshing, and our plum KOSHU sake fits the bill. Other reasons to purchase online include:

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Our vast selection offers something for everyone. Buy our KOSHU Plum sake today!

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Sulfite Free Gluten Free

Brewed in: Berkeley, CA
Alcohol: 12%
Type: Plum Flavored Sake

Koshu Plum

Taste Profile


Rich, long-lasting plum flavor

Recommended Temperature

Pairing Suggestions

Enjoy by itself for dessert. It will also pair with blue cheese and fruitcake-style desserts.


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