Takara Plum

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Takara Plum


Plum Flavored Wine,
750 ML

Pleasant plums have a distinctively refreshing, sweet taste that always leaves you craving more. When you pick up a plum wine, you taste the contrast of the slightly bitter skin and the juicy flesh inside. You'll also experience that unique balance when you sip on our TAKARA Plum wine. This particular type has all the ingredients of an outstanding drink. With a sweetness that makes it an excellent palate cleanser, our TAKARA plum wine is one to remember.

What makes it so incredible? Lovely aromas of sweet, ripe plum, and cherry blossoms, and a sorbet-like palate of plum and cherry sweet-tarts.

Enjoy the Tradition of Japanese Drinks

TAKARA PLUM is TAKARA’s special rendition using white wine, of a traditional liqueur called “ume-shu,” (meaning “plum wine,” originally developed in Edo period around 17th century when “shochu” [Japanese distilled spirits] was introduced.) This plum-infused delicious, sweet drink has been enjoyed by Japanese people through the centuries.

Today, plum wine remains a valued part of Japanese culture. Other nations also have adopted plum wine as a favored drink, too, including the United States — Takara Sake USA Inc. has become the country's leading online store.

We Sell TAKARA Plum Wine and More

When sake was introduced to this country, plum wine was also introduced. While sake serves a great food pairing drink plum wine is perfect as an aperitif and a dessert wine. Takara always look one step ahead with the idea of a fuller and richer food/wine experience. Other reasons people love our company, and our products include:

  • Exceptional customer service that stands out from other sake sellers
  • A wide selection encompassing dozens of types and flavors of sake
  • Our list of fresh and premium ingredients, including snowmelt from the Sierra Nevada 

Order our plum wine today and see why so many people love Takara products!

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Gluten Free

Alcohol: 12%
Type: Plum Flavored Wine

Takara Plum

Taste Profile


Refreshing with tangy fruit

Recommended Temperature

Pairing Suggestions

Enjoyable on its own as dessert, but will pair well with dessert breads and fruit-based desserts. This wine will also work nicely as a palate cleanser in between strongly flavored main courses.


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