Kohakuno Yokaichi

Kohakuno Yokaichi

Honkaku Shochu,
720 ML
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KOHAKUNO YOKAICHI is a single-barrel release shochu made solely form barley, then aged to perfection. The nose is sweet and mellow, with notes of barley, cinnamon, leather, aged wood, light caramel, and dry tobacco. It's smooth and lightly creamy on the palate, with flavors that include cocoa, dried mint, light caramel, and porcini mushroom. The graceful finish is lightly salty with no bite.

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Sulfite Free

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Alcohol: 25%
Type: Honkaku Shochu

Kohakuno Yokaichi

Taste Profile


Smooth and distinctive

Recommended Temperature

Pairing Suggestions

The salty-savory flavors will pair with dry cheeses, such as Parmesan, and tapas like toasted bread with black olive tapenade. YOKAICHI MUGI also has the intensity to work with finely flavored red meat dishes such as carpacio, rare fillet of beef, wagyu tataki.

Wine Comparisons

long-aged, red Bordeaux

Serving Recommendations

Kohakuno Yokaichi is delicious on its own, but will pair very well with light, savory foods such as almonds and Manchego cheese, or cold soba, lightly seared Wagyu beef, seared salmon, Porcini mushroom risotto, cheese galettes, grilled chicken skewers, chicken karaage.

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