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MIO Grape Cocktail



MIO infused green grapeshandful
Basilfew leaves
Lemon juice1 oz
Elderflower liqueur1 oz
Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura MIO Sparkling Sake300 ml

MIO infused green grapes

MIO Sparkling Sake300ml



  1. Lightly muddle MIO infused green grapes and basil.

  2. Add Lemon Juice and Elderflower liqueur.

  3. Add ice and stir.

  4. Top off with MIO Sparkling Sake.

  5. Garnish with MIO infused sugared grapes and fresh basil.


  1. Soak fresh green grapes in MIO Sparkling Sake for 8hours or overnight in an air tight container.

Infuse your favoraite fruit in MIO Sparkling Sake, & expand your creativity!

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