MIO Raspberry Float

It is hard to go wrong with delicious summer berries and vanilla ice cream (or your choice of sorbet or sherbet) with MIO Sparkling Sake. Make cheerful MIO raspberry float for your next "Brunch & Bubbly" party!


raspberry handful
mint few leaves
vanilla ice crea 1-2 small scoop
MIO Sparkling Sake 2-3 oz


muddle raspberry and mint together
put approx. 1 to 2 table spoons of muddled or pureed raspberry on the bottom of serving glass.
add a small scoop of vanilla ice cream (apprx. 2 table spoons.)
Top off the glass with MIO Sparkling Sake slowly (pour slowly from side of the glass) to ensure bubbles from MIO remains small.
Garnish with few raspberry and mint leave.
after MIO is gone, pour more MIO on the top to enjoy remaining fruit and melted vanilla ice cream.