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Common Myths About Sake

There are several misconceptions about sake, a popular rice-brewed beverage, in Western culture. In this guide, Takara Sake USA discusses the truth behind the four most common myths about this drink. Here’s what you need to know about sake:

Myth 1: Sake Is a Spirit

This myth originates from the fact that many Western bars and restaurants serve sake in shot glasses, drawing a correlation between it and the other liquors served similarly. Spirits are distilled drinks that often have high alcohol content. Sake, like beer, is a brewed beverage. However, its alcohol content is higher, averaging around 14% to 16%.

A true “serving” of sake is closer to wine than liquor at about six ounces. Still, it’s commonly served in shot glasses to imitate the small ceramic cups the Japanese use for drinking sake, called ochoko. As the drink increases in popularity worldwide, more locations are moving toward delivering it in a wine glass instead of a shot glass. However you receive your sake, make sure you take your time consuming it, sipping slowly to appreciate its complex flavors.

Myth 2: Sake Gets Better With Age

Sake usually does not improve the longer you store it. It’s generally best to drink this alcohol within a year or less to maintain its integrity. Also, sake has no added preservatives, so refrigerate unfinished sake and enjoy it within a few days of opening. 

Myth 3: You Should Drink Low-Quality Sake Hot

There is a prevailing myth that low-quality sake should be drunk hot, while higher-quality versions should be served chilled. In actuality, the temperature at which you serve your sake has much more to do with the type of sake you’re drinking and the nuances of its flavors.

Myth 4: Sake Only Pairs With Japanese Food

While sake will taste delicious with your favorite sushi roll, this drink also pairs easily with food from all types of cuisines, such as pizza, burgers, salads, and seafood, thanks to its strong umami components. If you aren’t sure what sake to pair your food with, rest assured that each of our products has a Taste Profile Sheet to assist you.

Experience the Delicious Flavor of Takara Sake

Experience the Delicious Flavor of Takara Sake

Now that you know the truth behind the common myths about sake, place an order with Takara Sake to try this drink yourself! We use Japanese traditions to inspire our production in the United States and are ready to share our product with the Western world.

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