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Come and Taste the Freshest Sake – “Nama Nama”

Only at our Tasting Room:
9/11/2019 (Wed) – 9/15/2019 (Sun)
$5.00 per glass (limited quantity) 
Tasting Room Business Hours:
Daily: 12 pm to 6 pm – Last tasting at 5:00 pm
Reservations are required for all weekend tastings.
If you are ONLY tasting Nama Nama during this period (9/11-9/15), you may walk-in without reservations.
Serving: limit to one glass of Nama Nama / person OR limit to two glasses of Nama Nama without reservations.
First come first served. ShoChikuBai Junmai Nama Genshu is raw, unpasteurized, and unsettled. It has rich, full taste with refreshing finish, and has a dynamic quality only available from this stage of sake making. The tasting will be available at the Takara Sake Tasting Room from September 11th to 15th, 2019. It is a rare opportunity for sake lovers to be able to enjoy this special experience at a sake brewery while the sake yeast is still alive and active.
*This nama sake is not available for purchase in a bottle, but for tasting per glass only.

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