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Premium Aged Sake – Exclusive Tasting (Weekdays Only)

Mystical Gem Unveiled
古酒(Koshu): Aged Sake, $10.00 per glass
Available for Tasting: Weekdays only at our Tasting Room in Berkeley, CA.
13 years ago our toji master had a bold idea.  Taking big risks, he set out to create a unique sake that was equal parts challenging and rewarding. After being carefully crafted by our toji team, this exclusive batch of sake laid to rest in an aging tank.  After years of anxiously waiting for the balance of flavors to reach peak maturity, our team soon realized they had a masterpiece on their hands. Undeniable perfection.
Unlike wine, sake traditionally doesn’t age well.  The difficulties and risks of aging sake has prevented even the most experienced sake brewers from attempting it.  However, with the blessing of the Bay Area’s cool and stable microclimate paired with our toji team’s generational knowledge and expertise, we are able to bring you this fascinating and elusive product.
Today, after 13 years of aging, the premium aged sake is ready to be unveiled.
We will never be able to offer sake like this again.  This is truly an exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity to taste and experience a treasure that has withstood the test of time.
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