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A large industrial modern bottling machine

In 2013, the bottling line was replaced with state-of-the-art equipment. Since then the bottling speed at our factory has significantly increased.

2013 Takara Sake USA Inc. 30th Anniversary

A collection of Takara Sake bottles arranged for the 30th anniversary

In 2013, Takara Sake USA Inc. celebrated its 30th Anniversary of producing sake in the USA. Takara now has the largest production capacity in the US and boasts the greatest range of high-quality products. The first junmai daiginjo sake made from 100% American-grown Yamadanishiki sake rice was crafted to signify this achievement.

2013 Washoku Designated UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

A Japanese bento box full of delicious food

UNESCO Site: On December 4, 2013, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, And Cultural Organization (UNESCO) agreed to register washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) as an intangible cultural heritage, a social custom handed down from generation to generation that expresses Japanese people’s respect for nature. Culinary Customs Founded on Respect for Nature Diversity and freshness of ingredients, […]

2017 Expanding Portfolio

A collection of bottled sake products introduced in 2017

In 2017, Takara Sake USA has expanded its portfolio with exciting new products. These products include: Sho Chiku Bai REI Junmai Daiginjo, 3 types (junmai ginjo, junmai organic, ginjo nigori) of sake under the Sho Chiku Bai SHO brands, and an exciting new mango flavor addition for our YUKI Nigori sake series. Furthermore, Takara Sake USA added two […]

2017 Strong Trend of Japanese Food

Various sushi rolls elegantly served on a platter

According to Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the number of Japanese restaurants in North America (including Canada) rose to 25,300 in 2017. With the new wave of popularity of Japanese food & cultures, many micro sake breweries are entering the market. Takara Sake USA welcome such movement and proud to be the part of […]

1983 Takara Sake USA Inc.

The exterior of Takara Sake USA's production building on a sunny day

In 1983, Takara Sake USA Inc. was founded in Berkeley, California. After extensive research in resources and logistics, Takara decided that Calrose, a unique Japanese hybrid variety, was the best choice for a newly established operation in Berkeley. Combined with Calrose, quality water sourced from the Sierra Nevada mountain range and a Mediterranean climate, Takara […]

1980 – Shogun (miniseries)

An artistic image of a samurai with sword drawn in front of a tree, with the rising sun in the background

1975 novel by James Clavell became the TV show in 1980 and aired in America. With its success and popularity, not only Japanese foods but Japanese culture itself became popular world wide. Takara Shuzo sought an opportunity to expand its business in the USA.

1951 – Exporting Sake to USA

A black and white photo of a shipping container ship moored to a harbor

In the 1950s many Japanese corporations entered major US cities in large numbers. Demand for Japanese food in the US emerged wherever Japanese expatriates settled in the US for work. In 1951, almost 30 years before establishing Takara Sake USA Inc., Takara Shuzo commenced the export of “Sho Chiku Bai” brands, starting with California. In […]

1925 – The Incorporation of Takara Shuzo

A embossed seal engrained in wood

In 1925, Yomo GMK reorganized itself in hopes of even greater success and was reincorporated as Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd. Having been installed as Takara Shuzo’s first president, Usaburo Yomo worked together with Kurakichi Ohmiya, in whom Usaburo had complete faith, to organize the Houkoukai and Sengokukai–two organizations designed to strengthen mutual trust between the […]

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